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Photographing the Seasons (Autumn and Winter)

Autumn and Winter can provide the perfect backdrop for a photograph. The dramatic lighting and vibrant colours at this time of year can present some picturesque scenery. However, you have to be quick as the weather and lighting is subject to quick changes and so when you set out for your shoot you need to have a vision in mind.

That vision can simply be the fall of light or the colour of the leaves. 

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Welcome to Dawn Cox Photographic Artist

Who is Dawn Cox?

Dawn Cox owns and runs Dawn Cox Photography. Dawn is a skilled and talented photographer with an artistic eye. Her photography style is distinct ranging from landscapes to fantasy compositions.

There’s something for everyone!

After years of struggling with Anxiety and Emetophobia Dawn began to dabble in photography in an attempt to regain some control over her life. It soon became apparent that she had a natural eye for a photograph and so her photography business began with wildlife and flowers.

As time progressed Dawn taught herself how to use Photoshop and since then she has been creating her own compositions. Dawn’s passion for photography has only grown over the years and she is constantly seeking new ways to share her artwork with others. Dawn now classes herself as a photographic artist as she creates composites from existing photographs.

Why blog about Photography?

This blog is to showcase the joy that photography can bring to your life, whether it’s through going out and taking the photos or just enjoying them from the comfort of your own home. We intend to share the stories behind the pictures, how they were created and the behind the scenes process.

Some of Dawn’s Work –

Dawn’s inspiration for her photographs comes from her surroundings. She is lucky to live amongst the Kent countryside and yet is still close to the hustle and bustle of London. The above photograph was taken a couple of years ago during a family trip up to London at Christmas.

Despite Dawn’s (very grown up) children moaning about their sore feet and tired legs she still managed to snap this gorgeous picture outside of St Paul’s.

The photograph draws your eye down the street to the Christmas tree with the backdrop of St Paul’s. It invokes feelings of nostalgia with the magic of the city combined with the twinkling Christmas lights.

Another of Dawn’s passions is portraits and she has been very lucky to work with some beautiful models. Lilly is a favourite of Dawn’s with her luscious red locks and doll-like features. The pair have worked together on a number of photo shoots – creating pictures that they’re both proud to showcase.

Dawn is rarely without her camera, much to the dismay of her family. However, her passion for photography follows her wherever she goes and results in impromptu photos such as this sunrise above. The photograph combines different eye lines, colours and textures to create a beautiful piece of art. The subtle colours add to the natural beauty of the image.

Throughout her photography career Dawn has also photographed weddings, parties and even the odd maternity shoot. This particular shoot was done just before the beautiful model gave birth to twins. A special moment is captured forever during a photo shoot like this.

Dawn’s latest passion is photo composites such as the one above. She has the ability to turn a child’s imagination into a beautiful picture.

Where can we find out more?

Dawn has a Facebook Business Page which showcases her photography and allows people to contact her for photo shoots and any business enquiries, ect…

You can visit the page here.

All photographs (excluding personalised composites) are available to purchase.

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What’s your favourite thing to photograph?